Designed for the Adirondacks, built to ride anywhere.

All of our bikes are designed and tested at Otis Mountain, located on the eastern coast of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York.


The Adirondacks are a remote, rugged, and beautiful terrain of sharp rock and knotted winding steeps. Our winters are long, frozen and dark. The salt crusted roads brine a bike’s drivetrain with every mile. And for a few months of the year, we ride some of the finest grippy singletrack you'll find in the largest state park in the country. The people of the region are tough and independent, they work hard and they play hard. It is also a tough place to make a living, 5 hours north of New York City and an hour south of the Canadian border. So while we set about making unique, practical and purpose-built bicycle solutions, there is also a strong focus on helping to build a sustainable community in the process. Solace Cycles is actively committed to promotion of both the sport and the region in all that they do.

Forged from this comes an Adirondack product, bicycles purpose built to our geography and climate. Their frame geometries are tested on the proving grounds of Otis Mountain.  We’ve partnered with vetted manufacturers to ensure our bikes have sealed internal drivetrains, lubrication free carbon drive belts, studded ice tires, and night lighting. Our bikes are equipped with the best the industry has produced.


It began with the goal of creating the best bikes in the industry, through innovative and tested design, premium materials, ethical and considered business practices and a collaboration with component manufacturers that seek the same.


Solace Cycles is the evolutionary product of two very different worlds coming together in collaborative way. One principal, Jeff Allott, is a technically-oriented engineer who spent the last 25 years running a manufacturing company focused on advanced materials and the recreational sports industry. His job was to survive in the rarified atmosphere of new materials technology while developing inherently stable and scalable production systems. Grounded, and yes, a little cynical. The other principal, Courtney Fair, is a studied artist and a craftsman working with traditional materials and the constant consideration of “what might be." He has spent a large part of his career reclaiming and repurposing weathered artifacts to produce enlightened structures and furniture. Creative and optimistic might be the best way to describe his style.

Needless to say that their conversations on almost any topic are lively, but particularly so when it comes to bicycle development. These guys are riders and their ideas are the culmination of horse sense, intuition, experience and technical investigation. Interesting things happen when there is a convergence of ideas and philosophies and it can produce some unique solutions.


mission —

Create a best in class, purpose-driven product.

Promote the Adirondacks as a Mountain Bike destination.

Support sustainable trail building efforts.